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HDF Impact

2017 Expense Ratios

Programs $1,790,601
Fundraising $239,290
Management & General $124,233

HDF Impact

Ramadan Mubarak!

HDF Documentary

HDF is not a traditional relief organization

In 1997 a group of Pakistani expatriates in the U.S.A. formed the Human Development Foundation North America (HDFNA); followed by Human Development Foundation (HDF) Pakistan in 1999.

The goal was to give people in rural Pakistan the tools to move out of poverty and to lead a life of dignity. HDF envisioned a Pakistan where every child attends school; health care is for all; clean drinking water is not a luxury; and communities are vibrant and self-sustaining.

Poverty is a complex problem and, through the integration of these programs, HDF is working hand-in-hand with local villages to improve standards of living for all people.

Today, thanks to donors like you, HDF has nearly twenty years of exceptional experience in advancing human, and particularly women’s rights.

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