2015 Expense Ratios

** Programs 86%
** Administration 9%
** Fundraising 5%

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Donations to HDF have helped more than one million people start better lives through our Holistic Model and programs in Social Mobilization, Education, Health, Economic Development, and Sustainable Environment. You can help us continue this process by helping people help themselves, and giving them the opportunities they dared to dream for.

All of HDF's Programs are eligible for zakat
Be sure to mark the Zakat box on the donation form, and in accordance with Islamic guidelines, HDF will distribute your donation to those who are most in need. Giving your zakat through HDF means you can help provide education, job training, healthcare, and so much more.

Give a child an education
Give a village Professional Health Providers
Give a Child a Quality Teacher
Give a Family Access to Healthcare
Give men and women career training