2015 Expense Ratios

** Programs 86%
** Administration 9%
** Fundraising 5%

Ramadan Campaign

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Ramzan Mubarak to you and your family!

The prophet Mohammad was proclaimed as being the greatest man in human history by Barnaby Rogerson in his book Muhammad, the prophet, a biography. Why would a non-Muslim biographer call prophet Hazrat Mohammad SAW, PBUH the greatest man in Human history? The reason is that he lived a life that became a model for all of humanity.

He perceived the social injustice around him, and fought against it throughout his life. He tried to mobilize the community and stressed education for all. He gave rights to the neglected and oppressed; especially women and slaves. Last but not the least, he helped fight for the poor by making the ones who could afford it give a percentage of their savings to the poor. This, my friends he called Zakat which is mandatory for all Muslims.

Human Development Foundation (HDF) tries to follow the same teachings of our. HDF has developed a holistic model through which it uses social mobilization and community development as a way to facilitate education, health care, and economic development. This makes HDF unique and important. Ramzan is a good time to give serious thought and look at what our duties as Muslims are. How can we make our lives meaningful? How can we follow the teachings of Islam? How can we learn from the life of our role model, our beloved, most respected and the greatest man in human history prophet Mohammad SAW PBUH?

Many of us pay Zakat in this month. This year, I am asking you to send your zakat to HDF. I assure you that your money will be used appropriately. HDF programs are Sadaqa-e-jaria and have lasting effects on generations to come.

With respect, gratitude and best wishes for a blessed month.

Atiya Khan M.D.
Chairperson of the Board, HDF-USA

All of HDF's Programs are eligible for zakat. Be sure to mark the Zakat box on the donation form, and in accordance with Islamic guidelines, HDF will distribute your donation to those who are most in need. Giving your zakat through HDF means you can help provide education, job training, healthcare, and so much more.